Early Childhood

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When children enter the Mazama classes at The Gardner School, they and their families become part of a community of life-long learners. They bring with them unique ways of seeing and sensing and engaging with this world. Their smiles, laughter, questions, concerns and interests inform the planning of our emergent curriculum. They connect to the rich natural environment where the seasons unfold and they participate in those changes. They come to laugh, learn and love their world.

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The Early Childhood program is rooted in the principle that all children differ in their abilities, learning styles and interest. We honor and celebrate those differences. Activities encompass all eight of the Multiple Intelligences. (WE ARE ALL SMART IN MANY WAYS!)

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Each young person enters Mazama as an explorer with a lens that helps all of us see our world with fresh eyes. Adults and children of all ages here at The Gardner School are continuously asking questions, making discoveries and honing innate skills. Our early childhood students often remind the rest of us about the wonder of each new day and of the endless possibilities.

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