Kalama – Kindergarten

In Kindergarten at The Gardner School we focus on educating the whole child mentally, physically and emotionally.  Students are known and loved.  An excellent academic foundation is built, where the needs of individual learners are honored and met.   Children in Kalama participate in classes taught by specialists in art, music, Spanish, P.E. and Science each week.  







We recognize that children learn in different ways and use Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences when planning and designing curriculum.   We also teach his theory to Kalama children as well to help them better understand themselves and the ways they learn best.








Units of study in Kalama are thematically-based allowing subject areas to be integrated and connected.  Teaching thematically encourages depth of learning and enduring understandings about the studies taking place.  Our program is inquiry-based.  Questions and wonderings are recognized as key elements of the learning process.

Time in the day is allocated to problem solving and social development activities.  Children are taught steps to solve interpersonal problems where all parties are able to share what they need for others to know and then reflect back what they hear others saying before seeking solutions. 

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