Klickitat – Grades 5 and 6

TEACHING THE WAY THE BRAIN LEARNS: University of Washington neurobiologist John Medina likes to comment that the brain is designed to solve problems under the following conditions: a varied environment and in near constant motion. He also points out that the brain learns best when the subject is engaging. In his work he points out that traditional schools tend to create conditions nearly opposite to those conducive to the learning brain. In Klickitat, fifth and sixth graders are on the move – within and outside the classroom. On any given day one might find a group of Klickitatters analyzing planetary distances from the Sun, building models of Mt. St. Helens and then creating eruptions, putting their increasingly complex thoughts into the written word, or tucking into a good book, whether on the classroom Exercycle, on the beloved overstuffed couch, or at a table.

Observing Geology in action at the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

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