Loowit – Grades 1 and 2

Loowit is a vibrant learning community that is shaped to a great extent by the kids themselves. Each child brings a unique learning style and an individual world of knowledge and experience with them. With our child-centered approach to learning, every student has a chance to discover their inner writer, thinker, reader, artist, musician – and shine! 

Learning at this age is all about direct experience. Science lessons are spent tromping in the wetlands, looking for pollywogs and comparing invertebrates borrowed from the pond; math problems are presented as real-life scenarios; literacy engages the senses through colorful picture books and small, adult-led reading groups; and character is developed through collaborative learning in a noncompetitive environment. Art, PE, Spanish, and Music lessons often dovetail with the other subjects, forming a holistic learning experience. The multi-age classroom enriches the group learning experience and further develops leadership skills. It extends the relationship with the teacher which provides continuity and the opportunity to set and achieve long-term goals. 

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