The Gardner School Auction

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The annual Gardner School Auction is the biggest ‘adult-only’ party of our school year. Gardner parents, friends, faculty and staff enjoy a sumptuous sit down dinner and, in a fun and competitive spirit, attempt to outdo each other as they bid for stunning student made art projects, glorious vacations, delicious dinners, and great getaway holiday packages. Your presence at our Auction helps build community and makes a significant contribution to the financial health of our dynamic school.

Our Auction typically raises over $50,000. These funds are invaluable for our school and go directly into our operating budget.

The 2014 auction, held on Feb 22, was another huge success for the school. While the auction is over, you can still be a part of the action and make a difference for our school.

The Paddle Raise

Every year at our Auction we conduct a Paddle Raise. The Paddle Raise is an opportunity to fund a special need at the school. In the past, The Paddle Raise has helped us purchase a set of portable lightweight stage blocks for theatrical performances, a new outdoor play structure, technology for the classroom and to redesign the Early Childhood Play area.

The 2014 Paddle Raise is entitled, “Make the Great Room Great!” The Great Room is a central venue for the school. PE classes are conducted in this space. Parent events, Community Meetings, Music Night, the school play, musical and talent shows are all held there. While its name is grandiose, the room itself is definitely not. Despite improvements over the years, the cracks in the concrete floor and the less than ideal acoustics, make this room less than the great room our children deserve.

Funds from the 2014 Paddle Raise will be used to re-floor, re-sound and re-great the Great Room.

Please join other families and friends of the school and help ‘Make the Great Room Great!’