Be a Gardner Volunteer!


‘whatever needs doing’

The Gardner School of Arts and Sciences is a wonderfully busy place and Gardner families play a pivotal role in ensuring that all that ‘busyness’ is beautifully choreographed. You, our volunteers, work hard throughout the year to set up, take down, clean up, plant, weed, clean, start on time, chaperone, and drive, drive, drive. In short, you do ‘whatever needs doing’ for us and we deeply appreciate your support!

And why do you support us with such energy? So that Gardner students may enjoy the best and most rewarding Gardner experience possible.


Parent and family volunteers constructed the imagination playground stage, laid tiles in the Great Room, worked tirelessly to build the set for the school play and fed and costumed the actors. Volunteers drove on over 50 field trips and served on the Board of Trustees.

The all-volunteer PTO organized and ran the Scholastic Book Fair and the most amazing Harvest Festival ever! Volunteers served on the Gardner Marketing Committee and the Development Committee, ran clubs, weeded gardens and assisted in the classroom.


As we prepare for another exciting school year, I realize once again that our community is nurtured by the thousands of volunteer hours that you generously contribute each year. And so I once again encourage you all to prepare for another busy year volunteering at Gardner. Please take a moment to review the different volunteer opportunities and consider how best you can put your talents to use supporting our school and our students.

I am extremely grateful for every minute that you give to volunteer for our school!

Mark McGough, Head of School




Drive on a field trip and drive on a field trip and drive on a field trip again!

Build the set for the school musical. Make costumes, be in charge of make-up, chaperone backstage, assist with rehearsals, feed hungry students and volunteers…

Serve on a committee – volunteers welcome on the Development Committee, the Marketing Committee and the Grants Committee.

Run an after-school club!

Serve on the PTO! Attend PTO meetings or be a class rep, a PTO officer, a member of the Harvest Festival or help with the Lasting Impact Project or any of the countless other PTO activities….

Help in the classroom – photocopy materials, support reading groups, share your hobby….

Commit to joining us on Sweat Equity Day and Earth Day and help us with weeding and planting, spreading bark dust and mulch, cleaning and managing the many different parts of our beautiful campus!


SWEAT EQUITY DAY WORK PARTY – Friday, September 5th, 12:45 pm – 5:30 pm.

We invite you to join in the community work party, on a school day this year! Come together for an afternoon of work to improve and beautify our school facilities and grounds. Please bring building, painting, gardening, and cleaning supplies and tools.

PTO MEETING – Wednesday, September 10th 8.45am

Join this fun, active group and consider taking on a leadership or supporting role in the many activities the PTO organize during the year.

4 PARENT HELPERS FOR VISION SCREENING – Monday and Tuesday, September 15th/16th from 8.15am

We need 4 parent volunteers to assist our Vision Screening Program Coordinator with the screening on these days!

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR – Monday, September 22nd thru Friday, September 26th

This PTO sponsored book fair is an opportunity to purchase books for your children, family and friends. Volunteers are needed to organize, set up, run, and clean up after the event.

HARVEST FESTIVAL – Saturday, October 18th, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

The Harvest Festival is one of the most exciting nights of the year for Gardner School families – activities include: a sit-down dinner; game playing for prizes; a cake walk; family photos; and prize drawings. Volunteers are needed to organize, set up, run, and clean up after the event.


Join the all-new Grants Search Committee, or volunteer to join the existing Auction Committee, Development Committee or Marketing Committee. Please see Mark if you are interested.