Thematic Studies

The Gardner School is committed to immersing children in the exploration of interesting problems and ideas. Rather than teach science and social studies as isolated topics, three major themes that integrate scientific or social ideas with reading, math, Spanish and the arts are studied each school year.

Some of our recent innovative themes include US History, World Geography and Cultures, Forces of Physics and Simple Machines, and Ecosystems. Each thematic unit is carefully chosen to match the developmental levels of the children and appeal naturally to their interests.

During each unit, students are challenged to use and increase their academic, creative and interpersonal skills. They read, write and compute in meaningful ways as they construct an increasingly complex understanding of their world.

Our art, music, Spanish and physical education specialists work to integrate the theme into their lessons to further enrich the learning experience.

If you would like to take a closer look at the planning for some of our recent thematics, please link to the documents here:

Tahoma – Caribbean

Klickitat – Ancient Greece

Wy’East – Africa

Loowit – Northwest Native Americans

Kalama  - Basic Human Needs

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