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The Gardner School is a unique learning environment for preschool through 8th grade where dedicated teachers, supportive parents and amazing students come together to teach and learn. Visitors to our school often comment on the unique atmosphere of The Gardner School. Small class sizes promote individualized instruction; the beautiful campus allows teachers to use all facets of the environment to stimulate learning; Science, Art, Music, PE and Spanish promote the nurturing of the whole child and, infusing everything that happens, a sense of belonging and ownership inspired by a warm and caring community. The Gardner School does indeed provide a remarkable environment for learning. We hope this website provides some sense of the power of that experience and we encourage you to visit us to see ‘a different school of thought’ in action.

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It is our mission at Gardner to develop “responsibility for ourselves, our community, the earth and humanity.” There are many ways we try to do that – one of those Continue Reading »

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